The definitive step for the digitalization of the industry

Blockchain, Big Data, IoT & AI technologies

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Our keys: Digitalization, Traceability and Paper Elimination

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Transform your company into smart factory

Kaytek Platform allows to control the production and achieve a complete traceability.

The digitalization of the processes and the connectivity of the assets through IoT, provides real-time data, offering a higher control of the plant.

Main Funcionalities

Automatic collection of information from machines and robots


Automatization & digitalization

Paper elimination

Real time data & Dashboards

OEE - Quality- Lead Time

Geopositioning & full traceability of the work, tools, workers and equipment
Control & reduction of the Costs and Stock

Supply Chain

Planning optimization

Artificial Intelligence

Worker training, reducing manual labors
Changes in production and universal access from anywhere in the world
Production without manufacturing defects, and waste reduction

Full quality



Kaytek Platform responds to digitalization challenges using the latest technology.

Our artificial intelligence engine is capable of automating all the factory operations without human intervention, managing people, robots, machines or other software in real time.


Implementation phases


Phase 1: Define

  • Intuitively through the management system, the client defines the manufacturing processes with their phases, steps and assets involved; machines, robots, people...
  • The processes becomes digital, eliminating paper and allowing any type of change and versioning.

Phase 2: Certify the process

  • Once the process is defined, it is certified by authorized personnel using their Blockchain digital identity.
  • Blockchain Smart Contract technology guarantees the immutability of the data and the execution of the process as specified.

Phase 3: Deploy

  • The client creates the manufacturing and work orders by choosing the processes to be carried out.
  • Jobs are automatically generated and sequenced over time by the platform, using artificial intelligence to optimize production.

Phase 4: Execute

  • The instructions are automatically sent to the workstations. People, machines and robots are guided without human intervention to achieve manufacturing objectives.
  • IoT and Artificial Intelligence technologies monitor any type of asset in real time, showing the complete traceability of the plant's operations.

Phase 5: Measure the results and improve

  • The Big Data and Artificial Intelligence module constantly evaluates processes and jobs, providing a global vision of what is happening in our factory.
  • Kaytek Platform facilitates optimized decision making for the improvement of production processes, product quality and early resolution of incidents.

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