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Industries face new challenges day-to-day. That’s why being agile at adopting new technologies is a key factor to increase the competitiveness. When we talk about Industry 4.0, we talk about smart factories that interconnect all the assets (machines, devices, workers, etc...), providing real-time data to the management layer.


Gestión global y unificada de la producción

Global and unified production management

Digitalization of the entire manufacturing process, providing both time and work optimization, which are key factors to increase factory's productivity.

Monitorización de los activos con IoT

Asset monitoring through IoT

Real-time information on all the actions and interactions performed by and between the operators, machines, tools or raw materials. All this can be done thanks to Kaytek Platform's IoT engine.

Certificación de procesos

Process certification

We use blockchain to guarantee the correct execution of the processes and to provide full product traceability in a secure and certified way.

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