Digital Asset Management

Importancia de los activos digitales en la industria

The importance of the Digital Asset Management in the industry

The Digital Asset Manager monitors the usage of tooling, equipment or raw materials in real time. It makes possible to geo-locate each asset inside the plant, monitor their operating hours, their state, and to know all the processes and operations they have been involved in.

The quality standards demand manufacturers keep detailed-records of the assets and their corresponding maintenance plans. Kaytek Platform provides all the necessary functionalities to manufacture with a higher quality level and meet the most demanding requirements.

Importancia de los activos digitales en la industria

Key aspects of the digital asset management

Claves para la gestión de activos digitales

Operating hours.


 Real Time Data
Status, incidents and alerts.


Automatic maintenance.


Quality control and raw material expiration.


Geo-Location inside the Factory.


Raw material management, waste elimination
Asset information and location
Compliance with the most demanding regulations

Key Benefits

  • Real time data from anywhere in the world and any device
  • Reduction and control of costs and stock
  • Paper removal
< 1 year Return Of Investment
10% Increase in production
100% Paper removal

Integration with other solutions

Kaytek Platform can easily integrate with any ERP solution on the market. It integrates inside the digital ecosystem of the clients, interacting with the data from the previous implemented systems, in order to get the best results.

Nuestra solución se puede integrar a cualquier ERP

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