Smart Factory

sincronización todo el flujo logístico

Smart Factory

To be able to adapt to new customer needs, companies must plan to connect and synchronize the entire logistics flow that goes from the supplier to the end customer. Meeting these objectives involves creating a controlled process that uses different bets such as its traceability. This controlled process uses different technologies for its traceability, through the use of digital identification systems; QR (Quick Response), RFID (Radio frequency chips) or NFC Tags implemented in the tools.

sincronización todo el flujo logístico

Key points for the digital asset management

fases para una fábrica digital

Analise actual needs of the factory.


Design an adaptation process with the client.


Presentation of the proposal and demo, making necessary changes.


Implementation of the solution and guidance of the workers to get the best possible results.


Smart Factory
Smart Factory working.


Automatic collection of information from machines and robots
Real time data & Dashboards
Control & reduction of the Costs and Stock

Key Benefits

  • Real-time data from anywhere in the world and device
  • Reduction and control of costs and stock
  • Paper elimination
< 1 year Return on Investment
10% Increase in production
100% Paper elimination

Integration with other solutions

Kaytek Platform can easily integrate with any ERP solution of the market. We integrate all the data of the previous implemented systems, in order to have the best results.

Nuestra solución se puede integrar a cualquier ERP

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