Nuestras tecnologías: IoT, Blockchain, Big Data e IA

The power of technology

The technology has become in the key enabler to the digital era. IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Big Data are leading technologies in this change.

We use these technologies natively. This allows us digitalize the industry in an easy way, and obtain a Return on Investment in less than a year.

Nuestras tecnologías: IoT, Blockchain, Big Data e IA
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What technologies do we use?

Tecnología IoT para la Industria

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) collects data from any type of asset; machines, robots, humidity sensors, tools or raw materials. This allows us to have a complete traceability system for assets, identifying alerts, registration and management.

Another main characteristic is obtaining the data in real time, without alteration and avoiding human error. The data is integrated directly into the manufacturing processes. Quality measurements, compliance with standards and other requirements are automatically executed, streamlining processes and decision making.

Real time information

Alerts and incidents

Secure remote actions

Tecnología blockchain para la industria


Kaytek is the ideal solution to make industrial environments more efficient, especially those where multiple companies work together to build a product. The processes become digitally defined and certified according to the standards of the regulations, being stored and managed by Blockchain and Smart Contract technology.

The execution of the works faithfully follows the process with its complete traceability, which allows us to ensure that they are carried out according to the regulations, giving confidence to all the actors. The technology is applicable to any type of process; engineering, manufacturing or maintenance.

Tecnología blockchain para la industria

Immutability and secure data

Automatization - Smart Contracts

Per-unit tracking


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine learning, pattern creation and anticipation of problems are some of the great future challenges of the industry. Another great challenge is the sequencing of jobs in an optimal way or the improvement of production processes.

With the data obtained through the platform, we are able to generate mathematical models that are applied to the industry in an autonomous way. We provide a tool capable of anticipating problems, that trains the improvement of processes and use of resources.

Early detention of anomalies and planning of the preventive maintenance

Identification of the main cause of the production errors

Reduction of downtime, sequencing intelligent operations

Tecnología blockchain para la industria

Big Data

Industry 4.0 is making companies more complex and interconnected. The new generation of machines and robots generate huge amounts of data that traditional systems cannot handle.

Knowledge becomes an essential tool for correct decision-making. Kaytek's Big Data technology allows us to process large volumes of data in real time, providing us with a current view of our production processes and indicators.

Large volume storage of heterogenous data

Analysis of the information in real time

Dashboards and reports

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