Industrial IoT


Industrial IoT

The digitalization of the industry needs the incorporation of sophisticated machining, with a higher number of sensors and intelligence.

The industrial IoT allows to manage machines more efficiently, obtaining state parameters and operating metrics.

In this new paradigm, is essential to have the traceability of the state parameters of the machine in the production of a piece. Industrial IoT and Blockchain ensures to give an accurate picture of the factory events.


Key points for the Industrial IoT

 Real Time Situation
Status, incidents and alerts.


 Instant changes
Automatic actions in changes in machines or robots.


Complete traceability of the production of a piece.


Location in plant.


Early detection of incidents.


Automatic collection of information from machines and robots
Real time data & Dashboards
Status, incidents and alerts

Key Benefits

  • Information and machine status from anywhere in the world and device
  • Decrease errors due to bad configurations
< 1 year Return On Investment
20% OEE Improvement

Integration with other solutions

Kaytek Platform can easily integrate with any ERP solution of the market. We integrate all the data of the previous implemented systems, in order to have the best results.

Nuestra solución se puede integrar a cualquier ERP

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